A Brief of the Organization

The organization was formed in 2001. Early members of the CAAT are primarily professionals who are originally from People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Even though the majority of the CAAT member consists of Chinese professionals from PRC, however, we welcome people from every walks of life with like-minded individuals. Anyone who is from a Chinese blood family, a friend of Chinese family and Chinese friends and friends, speak as little as one word of Chinese language, i.e. Ni Hao (how are you?), interested in Chinese cultures or a plan of developing or expanding their business to China region, ARE ALL WELCOME to join CAAT. We hope this organization brings and shares everyone’s thoughts, insight, wisdom, ideas, creative thinking, and conspiracies while enjoying the company of fun and diverse individuals!!

What we do?

CAAT hosts several traditional Chinese holiday celebrations through the year in the Bay area of Tampa, St Pete, and Clearwater. The major annual events include the followings:

New Year Eve Celebration (December 31)
Chinese New Year (around January and February)
Duanwu Jie (May or June)
Middle Autumn Festival (August or Sepotember)
Chinese National Holiday (October 1st)

We also host performances of Chinese dance and music show groups who visit Tampa Bay area, and also assist commerce delegations from China for local business conference and trade shows.

To find out CAAT member’s benefits and application for joining as a member, please click here.

CAAT Magazine - Bridge

Sep 2011 Vol.19

Jan 2011   Vol.18

Sept 2010  Vol.17

2016-2017 Officers

President: 任慧敏 Huimin Ren
Vice President(s):
杨亚琼 Wendy Yang 李蔚 Wei Li
Treasurer: 徐净植 Jessie Xu
Secretary: 谭雯月 Lena Tan

Current 2016-2017

Board of Directors

敖宁 Marvin Ao
陈健 Jim Chen
董莅萨 Lisha Dong
李蔚 Wei Li
李晓明 Xiaoming Li
Sharon Oula
任慧敏 Huimin Ren
谭文月 Lena Tan
王闻香 Christina Wang
韦凤鸣 Fengming Wei
徐净植 Jingzhi “Jessie” Xu
杨亚琼 Wendy Yang
張璐 Lu Zhang
廖嘉殷 Jiayin Liao

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