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Who Can Join?

The membership of CAAT is open to anyone who is interested in advance the goals of CAAT. CAAT does not discriminate any individuals based on race, ethnicity, skin color, religion, sex, nationality, age, or disability.


How to Join?

Please click here to download a CAAT membership application form, fill out and mail the form to: CAAT, P O Box 48303, Tampa, FL 33646. For immediately getting your email address on CAAT Friends Email List, please send an email to  and indicate that your application form and membership fee is in the mail. When your application and payment are received, your email address will be included into CAAT Memberís Email List.


Thank you for considering CAAT to be one of your community organizations. Looking forward to see you in our next organization event. .


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Member's Benefits

Networking: CAAT conduct special events to provide invaluable opportunities for networking with professionals in science, engineering, medicine, busincess of real state, accounting, insurance, restaurant, and other proffesions.

Seminars: CAAT offers seminars on technology, career advancement and social life, including today's eBusiness, employee market for Asian professionals, kids education, immigration laws, investment choices, understanding and managing cultural differences and conflicts, improving communication skills and networking.

E-mail list: CAAT e-mail list provides members with a directory as channel to communicate among CAAT members, TampaBay Chinese and the world of Chinese communities.

Publications: CAAT provides periodical electronic and a hard-copy newsletters, and a website to its members.

Clubs and Groups: CAAT volunteers organize variety clubs, such as performance club, sports club and youth club to promote members to socialize and enrich their interests and lifestyles.

Member's Information Sharing: With Memberís Email List, our members can be safely share any information within the list, include business, service sales and buy advertisement, club or personal website links, etc.
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