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LIU, Yiming's visit to Tampa

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CAAT 5th Year Celebration
2006 Mid-Autumn Party
LIU, Yiming's visit to Tampa

The Chinese Biker Hero, Mr. Yiming Liu, has come to Tampa Bay on his
way across the United States to Mexico. Mr. Liu, a 45-year-old elementary
school PE teacher from Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China has traveled by
bicycle through 50 countries and 5 continents in the last five years for
world peace, Chinese culture and 2008 Olympics in Beijing. He will travel
from the U.S. to Mexico, Australia, and through Southeast Asia back to
Beijing, China, before the 2008 Olympics. (Photo courtesy of
Wen-Xiu Ma and Jianhong Hua)








Sept 18, 2006 Monday morning at 11:30AM, Ping and parents said good-bye to Mr. Liu, a Chinese hero who continues his bicycle odyssey around the world in support of the Olympic sprite and world peace. Their message to him was, come back anytime and stay with us. He waved goodbye with tears in his eyes and a heart full of love for Tampa Bay, and rode his bicycle up US-301 toward Gainesville.

"It was our privilege to host such a heroic man for almost an entire week. And those who worked so hard to make him welcome deserve special praise. Among those are members of CAAT, FACSS, SACA, the Suncoast Chorus, and Tampa Bay Chinese school... This was a unique experience for all of us, and shows what the Tampa Bay Chinese Community is capable of when we pull together. Ours is a great people with a great culture, capable of producing true heroes like Mr Liu. What was accomplished should be an inspiration to all of us, and a guide to what's possible for our great community in the future." - Chen Ping & Chen Jian Mr. Yiming Liu's Host and Organizer of Around the World by Bike in Tampa Bay

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