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Youth Scholarship

Youth Scholarship

2005 CAAT Member Youth Scholarship Instruction

Scholarship Award:
$100.00 US Savings Bond with an Award Certificate.

To encourage and support CAAT members' children toward their
education and future careers.

Eligibility Requirements:   
(1)  Currently registered CAAT member families, and
(2)  12th grade high school students or full-time college students, and
(3)  Have at least a 3.2 GPA, and
(4)  Have at least 30 hours in community service, including
       in CAAT activities, and
(5)  Complete CAAT Youth Scholarship Form with the latest School
The application must be approved by the CAAT Board of Directors and
the award winners will be announced in September.

Please fill out the attached Application Form with the latest School
Report and mail it to Yinyan Geng by August 31, 2005 at

Yinyan Geng
8504 Crows Court
Tampa, FL 33647
(813) 971-6781

Please click here to download the application form