News Details: 
1.      CAAT hosted a seminar on the subject of college application and college life on July 28, 2002 at Ho Ho
Choy Restaurant. About 50 CAAT members and their high/middle school student kids attended  the  seminar.
Five keynote speakers were invited. They are USF Professor Yin;  Peggy Lim, student of  Harvard  University; 
Mr Jianguo  Chen; Mr Dachuan Zhao  and  his  son Zijia Zhao, who had  been  accepted  by the University  of 
Pennsylvania. Each  guest  speaker  covered  one or  two  topics  that most parents/students are concerned.
To show the support to our community and to CAAT, Ho Ho Choy provided a delicious dinner with reasonable
prices.揟The seminar is really helpful, we did get a lot of useful information? said one CAAT member. Some
members suggest that CAAT should have more events of such kinds, which really fulfill the members' needs.
2       To  celebrate  the traditional  Chinese  Mid-Autumn Festival, CAAT, USF Chinese Student and Scholar
Association (FACSS), and  USF Chinese School jointly hosted a casino cruise party on the night of Sept. 20,
2002. There were about  80 people participating  in  this event. The party  included  dinner buffet, moon cakes
and hot teas, gambling games, and, a half hour gathering program with poem reciting, singing, humorous story
 telling, etc. The whole party trip lasted from 7 pm to the midnight. It was a successful and fun one.
         As the main organizer, we would like to thank all the  participants  and  their families for their support to
the event. Our special thanks would go to Mr. Ziqiang Liu, Ling Dong, Dachuan Zhao, Ming Luo, Hongshun Shu
and all the CAAT board memberrs and their families. Without their dedicated time and efforts such a successful 
Thanks to Xiaoyu Chen couple who have helped putting party pictures on line. If you are interested, please
go to
3       To help new USF students in settling down, CAAT had organized a yard sale on September 8, 2002 at USF
campus. The event had received many supports from both CAAT members and their families as well as friends.
The sale was visited by many new and old students. They got what they need at very low prices. Most items
were sold or picked.
4       CAAT is planning another seminar in November. This time the topic of the seminar will be on the health
issues in middle aged. Details will be announced later via CAAT email lists.
5       USF Chinese School students performed " Story of the Mid-Autumn Festival " in the Mid-Autumn party
hosted by SACA on September 14, 2002. The performance was a very successful one and received highly
appreciation from the party organizer. All performing students were accredited community service hours for
their great work.
6       Deanna Dong, a New Tampa high school student, has recently received a $20 award from CAAT for her
participating in the CAAT logo design competition. We want thank her for her continuous involvement in the
local Chinese Community activities.
7       On October 6, Tampa Tribune published a story by a ten-year-old Chinese girl, Deena Wang on the first
page of the Travel section.  Deena, a fifth grade gifted student at Roland Park School of Choice, visited several 
Chinese cities this summer with her family. In the story, she detailed this exciting and funny vacation trip with 
her Dad, Kirk Wang, her Mom, Liang Wu and her four-year-old sister, Freya. In the paper were also published 
some of the trip pictures of Deena with her family.