Detailed News:
1. The 2003 Tampa Bay area Chinese New Year Celebration Party was held on Jan. 26, 2003 in USF Special Event Center. This year's celebration had drawn more than one thousand local Chinese as well as over 100 American friends, which made the party the biggest event in the Bay area Chinese communities. To celebrate the Year of Goat, over 200 performers presented 16 art programs to the audience including dancing, martial arts, Chinese custom show, solo performance, east-west musical, children's choir and chorus, etc. The party was a very successful one not only because it was the biggest one, the audience were also deeply impressed with the party organization, the quality of show, the food, and not to mention, the First Tampa Bay Chinese Photograph Show (see below).
--By Li, Lihua
--Editor: Cai, Xinang

2. One week before the Chinese New Year, Sujie Man, a USF Chinese student, was involved in a serious family difficulty and we asked all our community to lend a hand in helping her deal with the problems. We have received a tremendous number of responses after we sent out the notice for donations and helps. Our people donated money, helped the kid for school work, and spent after-work time to help with the housework including preparing food, taking care of the kids, etc. "My hard time is over thanks to our community and our great people. I will remember forever and I will
help people who need hands", Sujie sincerely expressed her appreciation with tears in her eyes when we visited her two weeks ago.
As a big family, we are tied, we are sharing, and we are working together to take care of each other. We are proud of our community and our people.
Dr. Austell, the director of International Student and Scholar Services at USF, recently sent a letter to Yu,Hanhua, the President of CAAT, to express his appreciation for what CAAT had done in helping the student. Below are the letter from Dr. Austell and the letter from Catherine Seybold, a senior International student advisor:

--Letter from Dr. David Austell:
Dear Hanhua,
On behalf of the University of South Florida and the division of International Affairs, I want to thank you, and all the members of the Chinese-American Association of Tampa Bay and the Chinese community in general, who gave their time, energy, and resources to help a person in extreme need. I am greatly touched by the generosity shown by all the volunteers, and I'm so thankful for all of you!
Blessings to you and your family, my friend, and please give my kind regards to all involved.
Very best wishes,


David B. Austell, Ph.D., Director
International Student and Scholar Services
University of South Florida, CPR 107
4202 East Fowler Avenue